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Got Questions? We got Answers.
1.What is the Mogul Behaviour box?

The Mogul Box is a lifestyle subscription box for sassy and ambitious females.

2.What do you mean by "subscription box"?

How it works is you sign up for a recurring subscription charge and in return, you receive a carefully curated box full of items to your door every other month like magic!

3.How much does it cost?

There are 2 different boxes please check out our Subscribe page for pricing.

4.What comes in each box?

Items that may be included in the box vary to keep it a fun surprise. Items include things such as: office supplies and accessories, challenges, office decor, style accessories, bath and beauty  items, jewelry, e-courses, discounts (on things such as business/life coaching, retreats, etc.), and anything else that may empower, inspire, and beautify you!

5.When are the boxes shipped?

Boxes will be shipped by the 14th of every other month. Boxes will be shipped in these months for the remainder of 2016 to 2017: July, September, November, January, March and May. If you do not receive your box, please contact customer service at info@mogulbehaviour.com.

6.Sent us an email and don't see a response?

Check your spam folder, we respond within 24 hrs of all emails.

7. When am I billed?

You are billed for your first box immediately upon subscribing. Receive 10% off for referring a friend who subscribes! Each subsequent box will fall on our regular billing schedule which will be the 15th of every other month based on when you signed up. Please see more info below. You may change your billing as you please by using the Cratejoy manager.

8. Can you explain the bimonthly schedule?

Absolutely! You will be charged every month based on when you subscribed. Sign up or renew in January or February: box ships in  March. Sign up or renew in March or April: box ships in May Sign up or renew in May or June: box ships in July Sign up or renew in July of August: and so on. You are basically prepaying your boxes a month in advance.

9. Does my subscription automatically renew?

Yes, your subscription will automatically renew every 15th of the month based on when you subscribed. Please see more information below on how to cancel subscriptions.

10. Need to push off a payment?

You can in your account settings.

11.Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! Domestic shipping is included, international will calculate at check out.

12.Is shipping included?

Yes, shipping is included in the price! (domestic U.S. only)

13.How do I purchase a gift subscription?

You can do it two ways! Click the "Give as Gift" button on the home page or, when you reach the checkout page, there is an option to check the box that says "this is a gift". You can then write your message to the recipient.

14.What is your return policy?

Subscription boxes are nonrefundable and ineligible for returns. If there is a problem, please email us at info@mogulbehaviour.com and we will accommodate you as best as possible.

15.How do I cancel my subscription?

We hope that you enjoy our boxes, but if you wish to cancel, the process is simple. When you log into your account, click the "edit" button under your active subscriptions. Cancel the subscription, then press "change". If you cancel before you are billed, your cancellation will go into effect immediately. If you cancel your subscription after you are billed for that month, you will still be charged and your cancellation will go into effect the next month.

16.How do I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?

When you log into your account, click the "edit" button under your active subscriptions. Modify the subscription terms, then press "change". Your changes will be reflected in your next billing cycle.

17.How do I submit a product for your box?

We love to hear from new companies or about new products! Please contact us at for our Product Submission Form and we will keep you on file and get back to you if we feel your product is a good fit. Want to partner with us in other ways? Email us at info@mogulbehaviour.com. If you have any other questions or comments, please email info@mogulbehaviour.com and we'd be happy to hear from you!