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About us

Mogul Behaviour is an online platform that grew out of the desire to empower, uplift and celebrate women in their businesses and daily lives. Rather than just being a forum, we yearned to make a positive personal impact while making the world a better place. Built to cultivate relationships among sassy women and create a contagious behaviour of kick-assery and philanthropy. This is how the Mogul Box came to be!
Join us and discover amazing women-owned brands.

In each box, you will receive ridiculously awesome items to help you gain clarity and crush your goals. Not only will you receive cool stuff, you will also be given challenges and follow-up to hold you accountable. Discounts on life coaching, e-courses, and retreats!

Quarterly, you will receive items such as:

- Office Supplies & Accessories
- Stationery
- Office Decor
- Style Accessories
- Organic Bath & Beauty products

- Jewelry

- Crystals

- Challenges
- Books &e-courses;
- Discounts (e.g. on business/life coaching, retreats)
- Surprises to empower, inspire, and uplift!